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Did you just search for a locksmith near by? 

you are in luck, your search is over!  our  certified locksmiths are just 25 minutes away to help you wherever you are whenever you need! 


Cape Coral Locksmith is the most trustworthy choice for your service.
From Master Rekey to keyless entry, we offer comprehensive solutions for you!

Residential Locksmith

We certainly recognize that bringing a locksmith into your home to change out locks or mount a home security system requires a relationship forged in trust. We consider your security and your privacy of paramount importance from both a physical and virtual standpoint. Our reputation and dedication to customer satisfaction sets us far apart from the competition. 

Call us to schedule a free estimate today and never worry about your home safety again. With Cape Coral Locksmith, your home protection is our top concern.


Commercial Locksmith

Safety and security are constant concerns for any commercial business. Protecting goods, work sites and employees are at the heart of long-term viability for both large and small companies. As criminal technology evolves, the standards of protection have too increased alongside. 

And since every business is unique, we offer highly varied security solutions at competitive and fair pricing tailored specifically to serve the local businesses that keep Cape Coral thriving.  

Car Locksmith

car Locksmith

Cape Coral Locksmith is the most trusted company for car in Miami. Safeguarding a multi-million dollar fleet of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs means working with our experts to devise local and off-site surveillance. With our reliable technicians on hand, routine problems attain easily resolvable solutions.

Let us provide you with a hassle-free example of our reliable expertise and you’ll feel secure when Doral Locksmith has your car secured and protected.

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